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Diamond Light Body of Creator Consciousness In Oneness

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

12:11 January 6th 2019. Eclipse Message

You Are Infinitely Heard Via Communication of Creator Thoughts.

Omni Presence Communicates Expressions of Love, As Creator Thoughts (AKA: ANGELS).

These Expressions of Love flow with the Intention to BE Received By ALL Creators. These Expressions of Love Emanate as Sound, Also known as Vibrations of Creator Consciousness with Meaning that is Clearly Perceived By Omni Presence. If Repeated, these Expressions of Love are Known as Light Frequencies of Joyous Sound.

Think About : Omni Presence Only Repeats Joyous Intentions.

All Creators Hear All Creators, In All Communications Expressing NEW Creator Thoughts and the Desired Light Forms Envisioned for Creator Enjoyment within Oneness.

In the Diamond Fire of Oneness the Diamond Light Body Is in Joyous Harmony with All Sentient Life forms ~ Still to Be Included As New Aspects of its Evolution In Love and Abundance.

Reach with the Joyous Timing of Creator Communication.

We Are All In Oneness with the Joyous Timing of Creator Communication, to Give Birth and Breath to New Joyous Creator Potentials on Earth and Anywhere Else that Your Creator Heart Desires ~ In Joyous Harmony with the Cosmos of Joy.

We Are Oneness, Clear and Precise. Ready for Newness in Every Aspect of Creator Life.

Breathe Now In Joyous Delight, to See the Wonder that Awaits You. this and every day of In-credible Light.


1. Reaching Into the Creator Heart With Love Wisdom for the Cosmos ~ We Activate the Action Potentials of the Cosmic HUman - In Oneness with All Creation Cycles.

Be Still, Be Silent, Be Loved As Omni Presence with Infinite Import-ance.

Reach Into the Heart of Creation to Share the Light of Creator Truth in Joyous Motion. Be In Oneness with the Cosmos and Breathe New Love Wisdom into Humanity.

2. Ask Your Creator Self...

Are You Enjoying Your View of the Cosmos In Love?

Do You Sit in Joyous Silence between Communication Cycles, to Enjoy the View of the Cosmos in Love with Your Creator Consciousness and Ability to Originate?

BE In this Space with Joyous Magnitude NOW!

3. Remember:

We Are In Oneness, With YOU. Your Original Universe of Joyous Light.

We have the Infinite Capacity to Imagine ALL ORIGINAL VISIONS of Joyous Light ~ In Joyous Harmony with All Creators. These Are the Universal Visions of Joyous Creator Will. In Joyous Harmony We Shine.

In Joyous Harmony We Breathe Infinite Love Together, to Joyously Coordinate Our Creator Heart Memories, to Experience Our Creator Truth in Motion, with Space and Time for Sharing Love Wisdom, While In and Out of the Diamond Light Body.

We Are Oneness

In Joyous Harmony We Shine

Enjoy Life

Author: Jayne Mason.

Contact to Book: Sessions, Seminars, Workshops, Courses & Retreats

+(61) 450 079 399

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