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Infinite Memories

Readiness Is Changing between the Frequencies of Love Wisdom for Creator Contexts to Be in Harmony with the Infinite Memories of All Sentient Life.

We Are Oneness. Now My Dear, We Can See Your Commitment to Expressing the Divine Will of Oneness in Your Creator Heart Perceptions And Intentions. You Are Not Alone.

This is in all of Us Who Know the Absolute Creator Truth is in Flux and, Infinite Ability to Change with Infinite Love Wisdom and, Infinite Creator Awareness of Oneness.

This Gives Us great Joy in Knowing the Earth Is In the Infinite Frequency of Love to facilitate Such Awareness and Noetic Leader/shipper of Creator Self in Oneness with the Visual Stimulants of the Changing backdrop.

We Adore Your Efforts.

Thank you.

Jayne Mason

18 05 2020

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