Communication & Vision

Be In Action for Loving Life in Oneness with the Diamond Light

by Communicating and Empowering Your Creator Vision of New Earth Outcomes

Get Started in a Soul Session or Gaia Goddess Event with Jayne Mason

Jayne Is Working with the Diamond Light Of Oneness to Nurture, Nourish, and Empower Creator Consciousness In Groups and Individuals.

Jayne works with Creator Love Wisdom that has lead to many years of Ascension and Diamond Light Coherence, with joyous intent for Activating Multi-Dimensional Frequencies and Attributes within each Being that she works with, in Harmony with All Sentient Life.

Jayne has used this Love Wisdom to Write Many Books and to create her 4th Oracle Card Deck which Is  A Cosmic Joy Sun Mandala Oracle, designed to empower 2020 Creator Heart Vision.

You are most welcome to sign up for a seminar, workshop, or to have support for life while you study at your own pace on a Creator Heart Course.

Diamond Light Workshops are a powerful complement to all natural healing modalities. It will enhance techniques used for joyous healthy growth and Creator vitality.

A unique feature is that, first and foremost - You are Celebrated, Appreciated, and Acknowledged as All Inclusive of Your Infinite Potential for sharing and using Love Wisdom, to enjoy the innate brilliance and beauty of your Creator Soul & Creator Heart in Oneness, making your consciousness an infinite resource for fulfilling your joyous creator intentions and vision, while enjoying awareness of Creator truth in joyous harmony with the Creator Consciousness of All Sentient Life.

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Infinite Freedom Workshop. Meditate in Oneness with Infinite Free Attention + Open Your Creator Heart to Infinite Love Wisdom.

Diamond Light Soul Readings By Appointment, Any day Online with Zoom and In Person at Various Events and Locations in Australia. See more info

Gaia Goddess Meditations and Diamond Fire Workshops.

Cosmic Joy Course. Love Wisdom for Energy Creation, Enjoying Embodiment & Cosmic Mastery for New Earth Practitioners. $222. Inquiries are always welcome. Sign Up Today. See More Info

Autumn & Spring. Diamond Light Retreat. 8 Days