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Jayne Mason

Jayne Mason is a Visionary Creation Angel Channel and Conduit for Pure Love Light Intelligence, who Inspires others to Activate New Soul Consciousness Abilities In Oneness with Ascension Love Wisdom. 

Atlantean Reiki Master and Cosmic Joy Ki Master -

Creator of Diamond Love Light Soul Ascension Sessions.


An Author of Many Books and Resources available on Amazon ~ to help Humanity to Grow and Evolve with the power of pure love and pure awareness in the inspirational infinite dimensions of creator consciousness.


PURE FUN Collaborative Writing and Publishing Opportunities are also offered to Creators who have a passion for creating New Earth Experiences and Resources.

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Be In Action for Loving Life in Oneness.

Get Started in a Soul Session with Jayne.

You are most welcome to sign up for a workshop, or to have support while Being in Oneness with Creator Consciousness as you ascend and grow at your own pace on the golden heart path.

With love, light and joy, Jayne

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