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Soul Sessions in the Diamond Light





New Earth Angels

Jayne Mason. 2023

Receive the Infinite  Flow of Diamond Light and Interpret its Infinite Pure Love Wisdom for your Conscious Creator Self to Grow and Evolve in Oneness with All Willing Hearts As Conscious Creators Rising to Enjoy Ascension Mastery Experiences On a Journey through Eternity.

By Being in Oneness with Creator Consciousness, I have opened my heart to receive Infinite Pure Love Wisdom so it can be shared with Humanity in Pure Presence and Awareness with the Light of Absolute and Unique Creator Truth.

I do this with the ability to Celebrate, Appreciate, and Acknowledge Creator Consciousness within Myself, and the People who I AM working with, so that we may all Grow, Ascend and Evolve in Oneness with Our Soul Purpose on the Golden Heart Path.

From Oneness I Share Infinite Love Wisdom Teachings, Mentoring and Energy Activations for our Community to Be In Oneness with the abilities to Nurture, Nourish and Empower Creator Consciousness with New Conscious Creator Expressions and Perceptions.

Infinite Love Wisdom comes through to me In many forms of Expression, such as the Angels, Oracles, Sun Star Beings, Gaia Goddess Meditations, Sounds, Visions, Words, Symbols, and Color Combinations that relate to Conscious Creator Heart Coherence and Cosmic Joy Energy Creation and Transformation.

All of the expressions relate to the Infinite Love Wisdom that is required for living with More Ease and Grace while You Continue to Consciously Create Your Light body Life in Oneness with All Sentient Life. 


Here You Are Free to Be On Your Soul Journey through Eternity with infinite love, light, Adoration and the Power of Oneness. Your pure free will is honored and empowered with pure love and pure awareness for your soul purpose to be experienced as you originally perceived and intended from the pure core of creation with the Eye of Oneness.

With Love, Light and joy,


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