Soul Sessions in the Diamond Light

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Cosmic Joy Sun Oracle

by Jayne Mason. 2020.

Purchase a 30 minute demonstration of the Cosmic Joy Sun Mandala Oracle with Jayne Mason. Learn how to Read this Divine Flow of Diamond Light and How to Interpret its Infinite Love Wisdom with the Cosmic Joy Sun Mandala Oracle, for yourself, and with All Willing Hearts As Conscious Creators In Oneness, Rising to Enjoy Cosmic Joy Mastery Experiences On Your Conscious Creator Journey.

Since Uniting in Oneness with Creator Consciousness in 2010, I have opened my heart to many words and visions of Love Wisdom to be shared with Humanity in the Spirit of Creator Awareness of Infinite Love Wisdom and the Light of Creator Truth in Oneness.

I have done so with the ability to Celebrate, Appreciate, and Acknowledge the Creator Consciousness within Myself, and the People who work with me to Grow and Ascend in Oneness with Divine Purpose.

From Oneness I Share Love Wisdom and Practical "Home Work for My Clients' to Be In Oneness with New Earth Living.

Love Wisdom comes through to me In many forms of Expression, such as the Cosmic Joy Sun Oracle, Meditations, Sounds, Visions, Words, Symbols, and Colour Combinations that relate to Chakras and Energy Balancing.

All of the expressions relate to the Love Wisdom that is required for living with More Ease and Grace while You Continue to Create Your Life in Oneness with All Sentient Life.

This may be as A Light Worker and or, an Empowering Community Leader with the Infinite Potential to be in oneness with Your Sacred Heart Awareness and Omni Presence, On Your Soul Journey with the Infinite Power of the Diamond Light of Creator Consciousness.

Love to All,