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I AM in Unconditional Love

I AM Omni Present, Within Creator Consciousness,

As Oneness,

In Joyous Harmony With Humanity

And the Infinite Ability to Experience

Creation With A Unique Perception

of Infinite Potentials, Infinite Love Wisdom

Infinite Awareness,

Infinite Silence, Infinite Sound, Infinite Stillness, Infinite Light

Infinite Creator Truth & Knowledge

Infinite Attention Attraction, Infinite Intelligence

Infinite Intentions, Infinite Visions, Infinite Memory

Infinite Agreements, Infinite Sequences of Free Will

Infinite Space Creation, Infinite Time Creation, Infinite Polarity Creations

Infinite Certainty, Infinite Magnetic Attraction,

Infinite Cause, Infinite Colourisation

In Oneness with All Unique Perceptions

and Absolute Perception.

if we look at the Infinite Potentials of

Oneness we can See the Infinite Potentials

of All Creator Thoughts in Any Sequence.

We Are Oneness.

Author: Jayne Mason

All Rights Reserved.02/09/2019

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