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New Earth Angels Oracle 9th Feb 2023

Updated: Feb 15, 2023



Today Is A Joyous Day

For We Can Say

Humanity Is Originated that Way!

We Are Oneness

And We Share With You this Truth.

As Oneness Originating the Conscious Creator Thoughts of Metatron and Raphael, We Allow the Joyous Union of Conscious Creators Incarnate with ∞ Love Wisdom. This Is Our Natural State ~ Unity Is the Strength that Holds the Divine Creator Heart In Oneness ~ Including You.

You Have All of the New Earth Angels Within Your Reach ∞Now on Your Conscious Creator Journey through Eternity and in ∞ Moments of Rest in Oneness. Allow Your Heart to Sing In Oneness with Metatron and Raphael.


Breathe Dear One, You Are Infinitely Loved,


Zadkiel Is with You Today and Every Day to Keep your conscious creator contribution to the Cosmos of Joy Flowing into the Cosmic Heart and, all Transformed Energy from the Conscious Creator Experience released back Out into the ∞ Space with the ∞ Pace of

∞ Love Wisdom for all ∞ potentials to be utilized and recalibrated in other dimensions of Conscious Creation with All Conscious Creator Thoughts in Oneness. Zadkiel Is guiding the Joyous Cosmic Heart and empowering your Conscious Creator Heart at all times from the Cosmos of Joy. Zadkiel Is Your 1st Responder to all matters of the Cosmic Heart and Expansion of Your Conscious Creator Self.

When You Celebrate As your Conscious Creator Self, your Conscious Creator Heart Sends Joyous Pulses of Conscious Creator thoughts, sounds, and light into the Cosmic Heart, thus stimulating another Conscious Creation Cycle in Oneness. We Can Be Present with a New Conscious Creator Perception and Fun Sphere of Inspired Conscious Creator Love Wisdom, ∞ Awareness, ∞ Knowing, ∞ Attention Attraction and ∞ Intelligence with our ∞ Intention and ∞ Vision ~ to Be Included in the ∞ Memory of Oneness, Producing ∞ Energy for Joyous Conscious Creator Action and feeling the ∞ Certainty of Success with Integrity.




Where do you feel the ∞ Love of Oneness?

Be Here Now to be Omni Present with ∞ Love and allow the ∞ Love to engulf all spaces or thinking places that feel separate from Oneness. See the thoughts and Ideas of separation as creations that have developed in the absence of Absolute Creator Truth. Allow the ∞ Love Wisdom of Oneness to Flow Into Your Whole Creator Consciousness Now and Transform any messages you may have received without ∞ Love at any time, space or thinking place to dissolve in the ∞ Love of Oneness.

This Heart Based Transformation Now Gives ∞ Space and ∞ Time for the Opportunity to receive Alchemy Messages from Metatron and Gabrielle that will transform the Creator Heart in Multi-Dimensional Ways. Allow Your Creator Heart to Feel the Transformation of false and obsolete knowledge transmute back into ∞ Free Attention for your Creator Truth to Flow forth In Oneness with Your Unique Conscious Creator Experience. Welcome Alchemy Messages from Metatron and Gabrielle to Create Your Diamond and Golden Creator Vision from Infinite Free Attention with the ∞ Love Wisdom of Oneness.

Jayne Mason 09 02 2023

All Rights Reserved

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Copyright © 2022 by Jayne Mason

The right of Jayne Mason to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by her in accordance with the Copyright Act 1968.

New Earth Angels Oracle.

ISBN: 978-1-4709-7266-0

Author: Jayne A. Mason

Artwork: Jayne Mason and Sharelle K. Muir

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