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Being In Oneness with the Diamond Light Code of Water

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

World Water Day Meditation

World Water Day 2021

Make yourself comfortable sitting or laying down with your spine straight,

when you are ready close your eyes - and gently breathe in Love, and breathe out Love.

Breathing in love and breathing out love - We Are Oneness,

feel your lungs open fully,

We Are Oneness, and We Speak As We Are Infinitely Loved and Adored by All in Oneness.

We celebrate, We Appreciate, and We Acknowledge, the infinite capacity of water to flow with Infinite memory... In Oneness with the element of Earth, the element of Air, the element of Fire, and the Diamond Light of Our Creator Hearts.

We Are in Oneness with this infinite memory within our Persona heart, Earth heart, Galactic heart, Solar heart, Universal heart, Cosmic heart, and the Creator Heart.

We Are In Oneness with the infinite flow of love moving through these Seven Beating Hearts...

As We Drink Water we Empower Our Creator Hearts, flowing from Oneness,

We Create the Great Ocean of Creator Consciousness, Now

In Oneness with All Sentient Life,

We flow the infinite love wisdom of water into the Creator heart,

Celebrating the infinite nature of Oneness... to share infinite love wisdom,

With All Willing Hearts who listen, to hear the beating Hearts of All Sentient Life,

Living In Oneness with Clean Vitalizing Water to Drink.

This is Our Divine Human Birthright,

We live in Oneness with the New Earth,

We Are Oneness,

We Share with you this joyous truth.

When you are ready take another gentle breath and open your eyes, wiggle your toes, and wiggle your fingers.

And here We Are

We Are Oneness.


Copyright. All Rights Reserved. Jayne Mason. 21st March 2021. Shared with Michiko Hayashi for world water day and the Emoto Peace Project youtube channel.

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