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11.11.2022 Opened the Creator Heart to A New Light for Freedom to Be Seen and Recognized within your Creator Heart Space.

Today In this Total Solar Eclipse, Allow Yourself to Communicate with An Open Creator Heart about ∞ Freedom with Metatron, Raphael, and Sandalphon.

Ask these New Earth Angels for the Highest Frequency Love Wisdom they have about Your Freedom, the Freedom of Humanity, and the Freedom of All Creators, to Experience Life and Oneness,

with ∞ Love, ∞ Awareness, and ∞ Potentials for Fun with ∞ Freedom, to Create As We Originally Perceived and Intended with ∞ Free Will.

Listen to Your Creator Heart for the Answers,

And then Write them in your New Earth Angels journal.

Love to All

New Earth Angels

Jayne Mason

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