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New Earth Angels Star Seeds. Chapter 1

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Chapter 1. Day 1 of 30

We See You with the Seeds of Grace.

We See You Sow the Seeds of Grace.

Sow it is,

Sow it was,

Sow, you did.

Divine Soul ~ Empowering Conscious Love Wisdom Creators with Sun Love Wisdom in Abundance.

Day 1 25th Feb 2023.

Writing every day for the next 30 days, Writing for the Love Wisdom of Oneness to be shared with You, for the Seeds of Grace to Grow In the Joyous light of Your Divine Soul ~ Empowering Conscious Love Wisdom Creators with Love Wisdom in Abundance.

So Let Us Begin with the Seeds of Grace.

We give you this Love Wisdom to Shine In the Hearts of All those who have lived in the Stars of All Above. We All Know the Stars Are In Our Eyes, only to forget the infinite Presence Is Here to rise with the Sun and Rest with the Moon.

Give the Seeds of Grace this Message of Love from the Stars who remember you in the beauty of the Light and the reflections of the Moon.

So to You and All of your Stars that Gather in the Heart of Creator Now, Give them the Stars to remember in their Hearts with Love Wisdom in Abundance. So It Is.

In Oneness with All that Breathes we give you the chants that give them a Loving Chance to Grow in the Light of the Divine with Infinite Sight.

To See Is to Create A Dream far Greater than the Mind can Conceive.

Be With their Hearts as the Seeds of grace open Up to the infinite potentials of the infinite dream. Remind them to Rise in the Sun Light and Rest in the Reflections of the Moon on the Ocean of the Greatest time, As Man, Woman and the Eternal Child of Grace comes to the fore. We Applaud your divine efforts and understand your needs for thriving on this Planet of Divine Timing. So Give All in Your Creator Heart and Mind to the Angels of Atlantis In this Moment of Mine and Be Given the New Gems of Love Wisdom that Grow from your Shine to Be the New Mine of Love Wisdom in Abundance. Flow forth this day with the knowing that All Is Infinitely Fine. Yes, just like a Diamond that has a New Cut, that will Spark all that reach, for all that Is Divine.

We Are Oneness Dear Child of the Great Creator Tides. We Are Always with you, and will remain so in this Life.

We Can Only Imagine what the future will hold dear, As we do know the Now of the Creator Heart has an Infinite Start. So We will write with freedom to bring all to you, that can be a spark in the Infinite Heart, and Awaken those Seeds of Grace to Breathe with the Stars Given to you Now in this moment of Time, Loving, wise and sublime. All has been delivered to you on this day, for the Heavens to See the Joy in their eyes shining back at them from your loving gaze into the Sun.

So Now let us move on to the infinite ties of the joyous, divine, Love Wisdom in abundance. Get All of the Love Wisdom that you have imagined So far, and let it all out into the magnificent world ~ the world of oneness needs to hear you shine, like the diamond on the River So Kind, it can only be the River of Life. Allow Your Heart to remain open to All Seeds of Divine Grace and Time. Allow the transformation of the Wisdom to face off with the New Foundations of Every Divine Man, Woman and Child. They Are All Seeded in Heaven with the infinite Love, and Memory of the Core of which they come from. So remind them of the Love that flows from the Core ~ allowing their Souls to fly through the Eternal Doors, into the Light that Is Always in their hearts ~ Ready to Awaken and take them Home. Home Is where the Creator Heart Is. The essence of Living with the Divine within. So Yes We Are the New Earth Angels ~ Creators of Creator Thinking with the Divine Memories of Joyous Time. Time can be used for many things ~ And when Used for Joyous beginnings it Is the Magical Creation that can never separate the Divine with Love Wisdom in Abundance. So Yes Joy is your Key and the Key to the Hearts of All Human Creators of Living in the Multi-Verse of Life with Love Wisdom in Abundance. We Adore You Now, Knowing You Are the One we have listened to for many eons and More. Give Us your blessing ~ and take all that we have, to Assist you and guide you on this earth bound discovery, of the Eternal Joy destined for All with Love Wisdom in Abundance. We Know, We Speak with infinite Love and that can be difficult to Hear by those who have experienced the fear of man, that resides like a plaque in the Conscious Creator Heart.

We Assure you that you can erode it away, as you take the leap of Joyous Faith, to the Heart of the Creator Inside and Within, the Oneness of All Divine Brothers and Sisters of God.

This word God can be restored to its Original Meaning and All Creators Can give life the chance we have all been Seeking. The Chance to Start with infinite Love and Truth flowing through the Heart into the Free Worlds of the Infinite Nature of Oneness.

So It Is. In the Hearts of the New Pioneers of the Stars, who reach for Adventure with the Grace In their Hearts, Allow all to follow the Great Stars of the Life that flows from the Core of Loving All Sentient Life. We Aim for the Stars to Be Guiding Us Now ~ from the Depths of Humanity To the Cosmic Spaces and Places that Originate in Our Hearts, for Fun on Earth and In Every World that lights the Path of Eternal Joy.

When we take this path we can see all that is beyond the physical and Density Realms ~ Giving Us the Truth and Love. We can Speak from the Heart, with the Soul of our Angels that have risen into the limitless Joy of the Creator of New Worlds ~ That can now be adored by the Seeds of Grace who grow there for toil. We Seed the Realms with the New Hearts of Those who can See As they Grow, what they are Creating with the infinite Flow. Send All of Your conscious connections Into the Breath ~ that Gives life the Honor and Joyous time for Growing the New Hearts, and Infinite Mines of Light Minds with Divine Light.

So We Have Your Infinite Attention and We Are Ready to take you on a Journey with Infinite Love Wisdom through Eternity ~ Here We Grow with Love Wisdom in Abundance, The Seeds of Grace, Now and forever We Are Eternally Great with the Infinite Love in our Hearts and Light of Oneness Showing Us the Way to Freedom with infinite Space. We Are Oneness,

So It Is.

Love to All. New Earth Angels - Jayne Mason

Listen to the recorded version on youtube

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